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Point of sale (also called as POS or checkout) is the place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. At the point of sale the retailer would calculate the amount owed by the customer and provide options for the customer to make payment. The merchant will also normally issue a receipt for the transaction. The POS in various retail industries uses customized hardware and software as per their requirements. Retailers may utilize weighing scales, scanners, electronic and manual cash registers, EFTPOS terminals, touch screens and any other wide variety of hardware and software available for use with POS. For example, a grocery or candy store uses a scale at the point of sale, while bars and restaurants use software to customize the item or service sold when a customer has a special meal or drink request.

The Point Of Sale

The point of sale screen has the following features:

Easy to learn - You do not have to send your staff out for expensive training.
Easy to use - Requires minimum keystrokes and the mouse is never required (but you can use it if you want).
Flexible - Handles any combination of discounts, taxes, returns, credits and sale specials in one easy transaction.
Automatic - Applies automatic discounts or preferred price levels to special customers.
Rewarding - Helps your staff to practice suggestion selling and tracks their sales commissions.
Accommodating - If something is not in stock you can send a customer order to the purchase order system.
Secure - You control who can see the profit margins and stock counts.
Customer-oriented - Lets you reward your best customers with a bonus points program.
Versatile - Prints sales slips, price quotes, packing slips and account invoices.
Modern - Works with all the modern retail devices including bar code and credit card readers, customer display, cash drawer, barcoded scales, a two-color receipt printer and runs on any network.

The Retail Plus point of sale has evolved over a period of 20 years to offer a wide variety of options without putting clutter and complexity on the screen.

Point Of Sale System


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