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Let’s face it. While our brand gurus and media evangelists talk about ‘on-demand’ economies and hip mobile apps, the hard work has to be done by that nameless, faceless Web server stacked on a data center rack half the globe away! Spare a thought for the poor chap.

The Web hosting part is really the ‘headquarters’ or fortress of your online market offensive. Nothing destroys online advertising rupees more than a low-performance back-end Web infrastructure. So what we tell our clients at every opportunity is – this is the wrong-est place to save money!!

At Magnon Solutions, we understand your concern when you want to be dead sure that your Web hosting service provides you with top-class server-response-time and bandwidth, essential hosting features and assured website uptime. So without saying much, we just want you to know that we manage Web hosting for some of the best-known companies in the world. Apart from those oomph names, we also assist hundreds of SMEs achieve their Web infrastructure goals. And we have done it for over a decade.

We are certified partners with some of the largest data centers on this planet and offer Web hosting solutions for both linux and Windows platforms. Our Web hosting services include shared webhosting (you thought we just spelt ‘Web hosting’ wrong here didn’tcha? Ha...ha...we didn’t! There is more to SEO than most people know!), dedicated Web hosting, reseller Web hosting, virtual dedicated server hosting and managed Web hosting.

Apart from complete transparency right from the services used to the billing and invoicing, Magnon ensures redundancy plans are in place to prevent outages. Our Web hosting team carries out scheduled and regular back-ups for your site and servers, so that your organization has stable and dependable Web presence over the years.

Don’t take this one lightly. It may not be fashionable, but its mission-critical.

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Sunbios is one of well known IT companies, dealing with software services. We have been providing world-class services and solutions to our clients spread across the globe. As a result of our solution oriented approach and knowledge of diverse technologies, we have been successful in delivering quality solutions consistently and effectively. Through our adaptive delivery models, we deliver onsite and offsite solutions to global clients.

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Sunbios development center is a knowledge base boasting the best of technological talent spun into our cultural fabric of delivering the best value to our clients. Our dedicated professionals and satisfied partner-clients are a testimony to our commitment.
Our adaptive delivery model is tailored to clients’ dynamic and strategic needs. Following a thorough environmental analysis, the client’s key business drivers and the overall cost-benefit advantages, SunBios would propose a delivery approach that is most appropriate. This could be purely onsite or offsite or a combination of such models.

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We are providing ERP services to Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporates ... etc