Ruby on Rails

In line with organizational philosophy of being front runners on technology, SunBios has been pro-active in starting and developing a Center of Excellence (CoE) on Ruby on Rails (RoR). We are amongst the first few players to have started working on this technology as early as 2005.

RoR provides inherent standards and guidelines which helps in Rapid Application Development in web environment:

DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
Convention over configuration
In-built ORM for database independence
Agile development methodology
In-built QA framework in the application framework

Design, Development and Maintenance of a Social Engineering Portal for an Indian Expat Society Holland ( in RoR, and MySQL

Involved in all the phases of project lifecycle: requirement gathering, design, development, testing and application support.
Have built features like social networking, managing friends and contacts, personal updates, event management, forums, online chat, administration etc
Built on Ruby on Rails and MySQL platform.


Sunbios is one of well known IT companies, dealing with software services. We have been providing world-class services and solutions to our clients spread across the globe. As a result of our solution oriented approach and knowledge of diverse technologies, we have been successful in delivering quality solutions consistently and effectively. Through our adaptive delivery models, we deliver onsite and offsite solutions to global clients.

Our Servies

Sunbios development center is a knowledge base boasting the best of technological talent spun into our cultural fabric of delivering the best value to our clients. Our dedicated professionals and satisfied partner-clients are a testimony to our commitment.
Our adaptive delivery model is tailored to clients’ dynamic and strategic needs. Following a thorough environmental analysis, the client’s key business drivers and the overall cost-benefit advantages, SunBios would propose a delivery approach that is most appropriate. This could be purely onsite or offsite or a combination of such models.

Current Projects

ERP for Industries

We are providing ERP services to Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Corporates ... etc